1. The International Film Festival KRASNOGORSKI is held with assistance of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Government of the Moscow region, the Ministries for Culture and Sports of the Moscow region, Administration of the Krasnogorsk district.

2. Festival purposes:
• support of sports cinema, forming of its high welfare status, experience exchange between cinematographers;
• promoting of sport, dissemination of knowledge about the world of sport and its moral values;
• demonstration of sports movies for the purpose of education, training and development of mass physical culture.

3. Only premier displays – not having a wide release on the big screen in Russia will take part in the competitive program of a festival. The movies of sports subject created not earlier than before two years before holding a festival (2016-2018) are allowed to participation. Participation in tender free.

4. Categories of the movies accepted on tender:
• game full-length tapes lasting more than 60 minutes;
• television movies;
• documentary films from 30 to 60 minutes;
• short tapes: game — up to 60 minutes and documentary — up to 30 minutes.
Editorial scripts in the English or Russian languages are attached to the movies created in original language. Movies in which strong language, a personnel of violence and erotic video is used aren't allowed to participation.

5. A SUBMISSION for participation:
• The APPLICATION FOR PARTICIPATION signed by one of heads of the representing company and certified by a seal (in the presence);
• The BIOGRAPHY of the DIRECTOR (the text file in the Word format);
• The DIRECTOR'S PHOTO (files in the format jpeg, tiff, resolution is at least 300 dpi);
• VIDEO RECORDS (in the name of the file to specify: name of the movie, country).

6. A requisition procedure on tender:
• to create the archived folder with a set of documents for each work, having appropriated to the folder a name with the name of work and the country;
• to load the folder on a file hosting service and to direct the link to e-mail:, having specified the name of work and the country in a letter subject.
Order taking is performed till  March 3,2018.

7. Owners of movies agree to use of the materials relating to their movies in the program and the catalog of a festival, on its website and in advertizing campaigns. The festival has the right of display of the movie or fragments from it (no more than five times) to, in time or after holding festival actions in non-commercial purposes.

8. All expenses on shipment of video records on the Festival, an insurance and transportation are undertaken by the sender. The organizing committee undertakes an obligation on an insurance of the movies accepted on the Festival and their storage.

9. The directorate of a festival reserves the right to exclude this or that work from tender if it doesn't correspond to content, art qualities or technical parameters, regulations of a festival.

10. For determination of winners of a festival the International Advisory Council as a part of at least five people is created. Movies prize-winners are determined in the following nominations:

• The best plot
• The best hero
• Strong in spirit
• The best direction
• The best documentary
• The best feature film

In each nomination the corporate prize of a festival – a figurine is awarded. All participants of a festival gain diplomas.

11. Conditions of stay of official guests make a reservation in their personal invitations. Any organizations and persons wishing to participate in a festival as guests shall inform Directorate on the intention and approve participation conditions. Expenses on journey, accommodation and food bear the organizations and persons.