Festival 2016

XIV International sports films festival «Krasnogorski» winners.
Awards ceremony has taken place on the 5th of April in Recreation Center “Podmoskovie” (Krasnogorsk). «360°» TV channel’s hosts Guzel Kamaeva and Alexey Dozorcev acted as masters for the ceremony.

Unveiling ceremony has been hosted by the president of films forum legendary figure skater and State Duma member Irina Rodnina.

The winner of “Best Story” award is documentary film «Grigori Kriss. The Fight for the future»(Ukraine). Films features the story of ingenious fencer and was directed by Ulia Rudenko. The winner has been announced by the members of festival jury, director, script writer, producer and author of several scientific researches on sport picturing Angelica Averkova (Byelorussia) and Byelorussian actor Oleg Akulich.

The winner of “Best character” award is a film about the most entitled jumper in the world «I am Moskalenko!» (Russia), directed by Sergey Bosenko. The winner has been announced by the Head of Krasnogorski destrict Mikhail Sapunov and State Duma member, master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics and actress Maria Kozhevnikova.

The winner of «Strong spirit» award is the film «Sergey Aleksandrov» (Russia). It is about the only mountain skiing Paralympic sportsman in Russia who keeps doing sport without both legs. Film is directed by Yevgeny Ivannikov. The award has been handed out by the president of festival Irina Rodnina.

The winner of «Best director» award is the movie «Fair Play» (Czech Republic). Film tells the story of a young sprinter girl who participates in selections for national team and then competes to go to the Olympics. Director Andrea Andrea Sedláčková. The winner has been announced by the member of jury, actor, director, writer and holder of black belt in judo Djunsuke Kinosita(Japan).

The winner of «Best documentary» award is «Citadel» (Great Britain). Film features one of the most known in Britain alpine climbing teams and was directed by Alasteir Lee. The winner has been announced by jury member, director, producer, journalist and poet, general secretary of International Arabian Union of journalists and writers Abdulla Issa (Palestine) and actor Maksim Konovalov.

The winner of «Best feature film» award is a movie about beginning bicycle «Tomorrow morning»(Russia), directed by Andrey Mayover and Daria Krylova. The winner has been announced by well-deserved man of art, people’s artist of Russia, composer and author of festival’s anthem Maksim Dunaevski.

Words “Sport, films, world” could have been often heard from the stage during the ceremony, explicitly stating that this festival is encouraging popularization of sport and active life style, while the movies shown during festival grant optimism and faith in your own possibilities.

During the ceremony memorable and colorful concert took place. The evening has been opened by Znamenski drummer band, followed by the participant of tv show “Golos” singer Ksenia Buzina. Next the show featured Children’s Olympic reserve school of rhythmic gymnastics “Zorkiy”. Consert ended with festivals anthem performed by children’s choir «Alye Parusa».

Festival took place under the auspices of Ministry of Culture of Russia and Moscow Region, Government of Moscow city, Moscow region, Administration of Krasnogorski region and Mosoblkino.