Festival 2013


Opening Ceremony

On March 28 at the Mori Cinema theatre the Opening Ceremony of the 11-th edition of the International Festival of Sport Movies KRASNOGORSKI has started successfully with the feature film PURE VICTORY premiere show.

The film director Georgi Shengelia and actors Dmitry Goncharov, Vladimir Niskov starring in this movie have been warmly greeted by the festival participants and guests.
All films will be screened at the three festival venues in Moscow and Krasnogorsk.


Festival Programme

The eleventh edition of the festival-2013 will start with the Pure Victory feature movie (Russia) premiere show.
All movies will be screened in two main venues - Mori Cinema (Krasnogorski) and Illusion (Moscow).

On April 2 and 3 the foreign directors presentation will take place. The Awards ceremony will be held on April 4 at the Illusion cinema.


Jury Chairman:

Evgeny Gerasimov (Russia)

Jury Members:

Ekaterina Karenina

Geetha Jayaraman

Ian Keith McDonald
(United Kingdom)

Graziano Molteni


On April 2 the press-conference devoted to the 11-th edition of the International Festival of Sport Movies KRASNOGORSKI has taken pace in the Metropol hotel.

The main speakers were: Festival's President Irina RODNINA, Festival's OC Chairman Boris RASSKAZOV, Jury Head Evgeny Gerasimov and the Festival's General Producer Stas TOMSKI.
During the meeting with Russian mass media representatives the GOLDEN COLLECTION of Sport Documentaries has been presented. First 100 copies which include 38 films will be distributed for free screenings in the Moscow region schools and youth institutions. 

Foreign Directors Presentations

On April 3 the foreign directors presentations have taken place at the Illusion theatre.

The movie Rodger Moore: FIRE, ICE and DYNAMITE by Willy BOGNER (Germany) has started this event. Among other participants there were Robin Reinolds and Staci Hartman (USA), Yuriko Romer and Mark Smolowitz (Japan/USA), Gulcin Gilbert (USA). 
They were given a warmest welcome by the art colleges students who came to meet the masters
of sport screen.  

This is a traditional programme that features the new world sports cinema, including directors presentations, premiere shows, master classes, Q&A sessions.


Awards Ceremony

On April 4 in the Moscow Illusion theatre the Awards Ceremony of the 11-th edition of the  International Festival of Sport Movies KRASNOGORSKI took place.

Festival Winners

The Festival Winners are:
Best Story - PINK SKIES directed by Gulcin Gilbert (France, UK, USA)

Best Film Character - RUNNING FOR JIM directed by Robin Reinolds (USA)

Strong Will People - SWIMMER directed by Sergey Rusakov (Russia)

Best Director - HELSINKI-52 directed by Valery Shatin (Russia)

Best Documentary - MRS JUDO: BE STRONG, BE GENTLE, BE BEAUTIFUL directed by Yuriko Romer (Japan, USA)

Best Feature Film - HOCKEY GAMES directed by Ksenia Kondrashina (Russia)

Grand Prix - PARALLEL WORLD GAMES directed by Anastasia Miroshnichenko (Belorussia)

The Festival Guest of Honor Willy BOGNER has been awarded the "GRAND MASTER OF SPORT SCREEN" trophy.
Jury Chairman Evgeny Gerasimov and famous Olympic champion Larisa Latynina presented this prize to the legendary athlete and film maker.


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