Festival 2012


Festival Programme

Festival Official Competition Programme Screening
Kronverk Cinema

April 1

L'equip Petit directed by Roger Gomez and Dani Resines (Spain)
Marathonman directed by Tom Coeman (Belgium)
Moonflower directed by Alastair Lee (UK)
Ojos Rojos directed by Juan Pablo Sallato,Juan Ignacio Sabatini,Ismael Larrain (Chile)
Pursuing the Flame directed by Jason Brennan (Canada)

April 2

Race Across the Sky directed by Crissy Matson (USA)
The Last Wild Race directed by Brian J.Leitten (Chile/USA)
The Most Important Match directed by Graziano Molteni (Italy)
Unguarded directed by Jonathan Hock (USA)

April 3

Champions directed by Riccardo Signorell (Switzerland)
Flying Pigs directed by Anna Kazejak (Poland)
Mulligan directed by Will Slocombe (USA)
Montevideo.The Taste of a Dream directed by Dragan Bjelogrlic (Serbia)

April 4

Brother Number One directed by Annie Goldson (New Zealand)
Flip a Coin directed by Maarten Kempen and Henk van den Doel (Netherlands)
Jure Robic directed by Tomaz Kovsca (Slovenia)
Nigatu:the Running Dream directed by Steve Doschner (Germany)
Peace and Sport directed by Semyon Pinkhasov (USA)
Sunrise directed by Veniero Amprino (Italy)

April 5

Brighton Bandits directed by Ian McDonald (UK)
Castillos en el Aire directed by Lorenzo Montull (Spain)
Inside the Kalari directed by Ian McDonald (India/UK)
Wildest Dream directed by Anthony Geffen (UK)
Out of Our Hands directed by Ian McDonald (India/UK)


The main festival venue will be the Kronverk-Cinema theatre in the Waypark Entertainment Centre. Jury: The International Jury will be headed by Evgeny Gerasimov - the People's Artist of Russia, well known film director and actor. He will be assisted by three-time Olympic champion Maria Kiseleva and sport movies masters Beno Hvala (Slovenia), Viniero Amprino (Italy), Jonathan Hock (USA).

International Jury Head Evgeny Gerasimov


Marina Kiseleva (Russia)


Beno Hvala (Slovenia)


Jonathan Hock (USA)


Viniero Amprino (Italy)



Awards Ceremony

It has started with the Russian cinema makers celebration.The Ministry of Culture has awarded eight directors for the sport genre devotion and many years creation success,followed by Olympic champions and prominent sportsmen celebration.The festival participants and guests were greeted by the Festival

President Irina Rodnina,OC Chairman Boris Rasskazov and Council of Experts Head Evgeniy Gerasimov who sumed up the winners selection.Jonathan Hock's video greeting from NY city has
been cheerfully welcomed.On behalf of the foreign delegation members Nikolay Zhuravski,the Olympic Committee President of Moldova,greeted the audience.

The awards presentation took place in a pleasant atmosphere enriched by bright cultural performance.The party has been given a wide mass media coverage.

President of the Festival Irina Rodnina

International Jury Head Evgeny Gerasimov

Ceremony Anchors Yana Churikova and Dmitry Kharatian

General Producer of the Festival Stas Tomsky

Festival OC Chairman Boris Rasskazov

Polina Gagarina

Best Debut Winners

Best Story Winners
Stong Will People Winner

Video greeting from New York, Jonathan Hock
Best Film Character Winner
Best Olympics Film Winner

Best Director Winnner

Gran Prix Winner

Winners of International Festival of Sport Movies Krasnogorski

Director - Steve Doschner
The documentary follows Nigatu, an Ethiopian marathon runneron his way from Addis Ababa to one of the world`s largest
marathon races in Frankfurt, Germany.After a long journey, hard training in the past months and many
administrative obstacles from visa to insurance only a few verygood athletes from Ethiopia reached Frankfurt. Nigatu and his
athlete colleagues have now the chance to win a prize-moneyof 15,000 Euros if they win the race.
Germany / Ethiopia / 2010

Directors - Maarten Kempen, Henk van den Doel
When the paths of two friends John and Jake split, they bothdevelop in their own type of sport. One of them becomes an
outstanding windsurfer, the other excels in skicross competition.Although their stories differ completely, their friendship
proves to be strong when their roads cross again.
Netherlands / 2011

Director - Tomaz Kovsca
The best ultracyclist in the world Jure Robic was competing atthe Race Across America for the fifth time. His only goal was to
win the race because it was supposed to be the last one. Buteverything can happen in such a long competition. Jure Robic
died in 2010 in the car accident during his training.
Slovenia / 2012

Director - Sergey Ivanov
Physical and health centre “Nadezhda” (Hope) in the city Protvino,Moscow region, has become the second home for disabled
young people.They come here four times a week fortraining in arm sport.
Many of them became Russian and world champions. RuslanMamedov is one of them. He is the nine-times world champion.
Strong arms-strong will. Such is the credo of these athletes.

Director - Natalia Zavoznenko
The story about Russian hockey in faces and details which arerevealed for the first time.We met the first Soviet Olympic champion Victor Shuvalov,Elena Bobrova-the widow of Vsevolod Bobrov, outstandinghockey players of different generation: Vitaly Davydov, BorisMikhailov, Alexander Yakushev, Vyacheslav Fetisov, VladislavTretiak, Zinetulla Bilaletdinov, the USSR merited coach VictorTikhonov.
Russia / 2011

Director - Taisiya Kurskaya
The Russian national team got bad results including biathlon inthe Vancover Olympic Games.
What are the reasons of of its phenomenal victories in the pastand today’s failures? The best 20-th century coach Alexander
Privalov, his athletes-legendary Alexander Tikhonov, VictorMamatov and the IBU president Anders Besseberg share their
opinions on this subject.
...The Sochi-2014 Olympic Games are over the corner. TheRussian national biathlon team members Evgeny Ustygov, Anton
Shipulin, Victor Vasiliev, Anna Bulygina, Olga Vilukhina andYana Romanova depict in their interviews the image of a young
sportsman who compete in honor of the motherland.
Russia / 2011


Director - Nurbek Egen
The main character is a troublesome teenager. Due to an occasionalmeeting with the local sport school coach his live becomes
different. He starts to learn wrestling-the unarmed selfdefence.But it is not so simple to part with the past...
Russia / 2010


Director - Dragan Bjelogrlic
It is a romantic football story set in 1930, which main theme isforming a national team and its success on the first World Cup
in Montevideo.
Serbia / 2010