Festival 2010

From February 25 till March 5, 2010


the 8-th International Festival of Sport Movies KRASNOGORSKI   ran in Russia. In fact it started on February 12 by festival best films non-stop screening in Vancouver. During all the Winter Olympics period the Russki Dom has become the festival venue.

Thus the festival Krasnogorski opened the Cinema Year within the Sochi-2014 Cultural Programme.

The Festival-2010 has been devoted to the Winter Olympic Games.Among the first spectators at
the Kronverk-Cinema were school children and youth athletes.

And here are the mass media reaction to the 8-th International Festival of Sport Movies Krasnogorski : 

"The festival has risen a level in the hierarchy of international film forums."

TV7 magazine

"Full theatres during all festival screenings are a fine proof of the public
interest to sport movies."

Antenna magazine

"The Festival is on the verge of dynamic new growth."

Rossiyskaya gazeta

"This is a good opportunity for film makers to exchange views on a future of sport films making."

Cinema Business

"The festival team does a huge work for this international project
promotion, and to galvanize Russia as the country for sport film excellence."

Radio Russia

"Free admittance to all festival venues allows more boys and girls to meet the real heroes – legendary athelets and famous champions."

City-FM Radio

"Selected works for the competition programme show a high international level of this Festival."

Culture TV channel.

"Festival "Krasnogorski" is an important gateway into the challenging
world film market."

MK newspaper

"Russian Cinema Today section highlights the country's production trends, when the World Cinema section keeps in tune to the international cinema and encourages cinephilia."

Our Film

"Here we face the achievement of two festival goals: enchanced
audivisiual cooperation between Russia and foreign countries;
access to the local professional to the rest of the world."


"Special presentation screenings allow filmmakers and audiences to discuss creative, ethical and technical issues related to the sport documentaries."


"The festival is highly competitive with new feature films and

Radio Mayak

"... Russian International festival of sport films "Krasnogorski" has come to the end. 72 films from 18 countries have been presented with a great success."


"... Six days in the golf-club "Le Meridien Country Club" the International festival of sport films "Krasnogorski" screened the new films from over the world. The jury: Oleg Volnov ( chairman), Boris Golovnja (Russia), Моmо Martinovich (Serbia and Herzegovina) Alessandro Rudolf (Italy), Benjamin Hvala (Slovenia) - have spent near the screen more than 50 hours, estimating 72 films about 29 kinds of sports. "


"... This year the festival "Krasnogorski" has become may be the brightest phenomenon in a sports cinema not only in our country, but also all over the world."

"Tennis and business "

As the Jury president said at press conference in RIA News, this competition should stand on two legs."The first leg is sports, and the second - professional cinematography".

The glorified gymnast Larissa Latynina has emphasized, that the major result of this festival is in screening the films to the rising generation.

"Sport directly influences the image of the country, and also education and development of children, - said the president of Russian tennis Federation Shamil Tarpishtchev. - The festival of sport films allows youth to form character and will. These factors will help them to achieve the purpose, to reach any result".

"RIA News" agency