Festival 2005

Cultural programme:

Meetings of masters of sport movies from Italy and Slovenia, Ukraine and Byelorussia with their Russian colleagues;


Attending of the unique museum of retro-autos in Arkhangelskoye;


Cruise “Friends of the Festival” on Moscow-river.


The festival films were demonstrated in three cinemas – in Krasnogorsk and in Moscow – “Salute” and “Romanov cinema”.


The closing ceremony took place in “Moscow Country Club” in Nakhabino. In entertaining programme took part Chris Celmee, Iya Ninidze, popular group “Different rules”.


17 countries 13 Russian regions 72 works


 Jury of the Festival

Oleg Volnov - RussiaBoris Golovnia - Russia
Momtchilo Martinovitch - Slovenia
Alessandro Rudolf - Italy
Benjamin Hvala - Slovenia


Winners of the competition programme:

Grand-Prix “Krasnogorski” - “Elena Kalinina. On the Horse” (directed by N. Maletski, Russia)

The est documentary - “Evgeniy Plushenko. Endless Duel” (directed by O. Shilovskiy)

The best TV sport programme - “Daredevils” (directed by O. Goncharenko, Russia)

Best foreign works are “Tanya Romano” (Italy, directed by Alessio Zerial) and “Trace” (Bosnia and Herzegovina, directed by Gregan Elchich)

Special prizes:

“Russian Professor NHL” (directed by S. Shachin, Russia)

“Nice Remote Past” (directed by V. Tsesluk, Byelorussia)

“There are not Men’s Games” (directed by A. Sokolovskiy, Russia)

The festival VIP guests:

Franco Ascani – the FICTS president

Gennady Seleznev - the Russian Federation Equestrian Sport President

Famous sportsmen, Olympic champions: Larissa Latynina, Alexei Nemov, Michael Nestruev, Ilgar Mamedov etc.