Festival 2004

  • Jury of the Festival:

  • Larissa Latynina –Russia
  • Сhristian Pierre – Belgium
  • Znago Lenardik - Slovenia
  • Juriy Khatschevatskiy– Byelorussia
  • Alexander Goloborodko – Russia

Winners of the competition programme:

  • Grand-prix “Krasnogorski” – “The Last Victory” (directed by John Appel, Nederland)
  • “The Best Feature Film” -“Det Forbudte Landshold” (directed by Rasmus Dinesen, Arnold Kroeigaard, Denmark)
  • “The best documentary ” - “Kostia Tsu. To Be the First” (directed by N.Gugueva, Russia)
  • The best television programme - “Russian Extreme” (directed by A. Cheliadinov, Russia)

Special prizes:

  • “Shevchenko. Andrey’s Solo” and “The Ukraine is Champion” (directed by S. Dolbilov, Ukraine),
  • “Man-the Bird”( directed by G. Ratushev, Russia)
  • ” 75 minutes with Valeriy Lobanovski”( directed by A. Andronov, Russia)
  • “USSR-Hockey”( directed by Bengt Lofgren, Sweden)
  • “The Stadium”(directed by L. Kolesnikova, Russia)

The festival VIP guests:

  • Franco Ascani – the FICTS president
  • Beno Hvala – director of the Festival of sport film in Lubliana
  • Nguen Suan Vin – director of the sport cinematography in Vietnam
  • Shamil Tarpitshev – the President of the Russian Tennis Federation Olympic Champions

18 countries
11 Russian regions
58 films