Festival 2018

Opening Ceremony will tradionally start at the PODMOSKOVIE Palace of Culture. The Awards Ceremony will take place in the new VEGAS center in the CROCUS CITY.

The Opening Ceremony traditionally started in the Podmoskovie Palace Of Culture with the movie From the Bottom of the Summit (Russia).

Over 30 films from 24 countries.

have already entered the Official Program. They will compete for the Festival Awards in seven nominations.

From the Russian most sport city KRASNOGORSK

to the world best feature movies and documentaries about people and victories the Festival submission process is under way.

The Festival Submission is over.

54 feature movies and documentaries will compete in six nominations. They will be announced by the International Jury headed by Sergey Miroshnichenko (Russia). He is assisted by Aviv Giladi (Israel), Paolo De Ascentiis (Italy), Edward Kulbayev (Kazakhstan) and Russian colleagues Yulia Rutberg, Olga Sapozhnikova, Anastasia Zadorina, Boris Mirza. They will also select a winner in a new festival nomination "Debut" in which young cinema makers participate.

On April 17 the Jubilee International Film Festival KRASNOGORSKI.
Awards Ceremony took place in the Vegas City Hall.
The Festival Winners Are:

Best Story

"From Russia With Love" directed by Patrick Sweeney, USA.

Nominated in This Category:

"En Garde!" Directed by Daniel Ioffe, Latvia
"A Shot in the Dark" directed by Cris Sukorsky, USA.


Best Film Character

"Stellar Echo of Mikhail Gromov" directed by Nikolai Maletski, Russia. 

Nominated in This Category:

"The Good Fight" directed by Ben Holman, UK. 
"Dzajic" directed by Sabahudin Topalbećirević, Bosnia and Gerzogovina.


Strong Will People 

"Gaza Surf Club" directed by Philip Gnadt and Micki Yamin, Germany. 

Nominated in This Category:

"La Cumbre" directed by Dana Romanoff,USA.
"Enock" directed by Craig Muderlack, USA.


Best Documentary

"Sunakali" directed by Bhoirai Bhat, Nepal.

Nominated in This Category:

"Non-Free Fall. Alexander Belov" directed by Andrey Simonov, Russia.
"I Love You, Sochi" directed by Dmitriy Zinchenko, Russia.


Best Feature Film 

"From the Bottom of the Summit" directed by Tamara Tsotsoria, Konstantin Kutuyev, Yana Polyarush, Russia.

Nominated in This Category:

"Chasing Great" directed by Justin Pemberton, Michel Walsh, New Zeland.
"Kenny" directed by Stuart Sagg, UK.


Best Director

"Girl Unbound" directed by Erin Heidenreich, Germany

Nominated in This Category:

"La Fuerza del Balon" directed by Alberto Serra,Panama Perfect directed by Jeremie Battaglia, Brazil, Canada, Puerto Rico, Slovakia


The Festival Grand-Prix

went to the Feature Film "ICE" Directed by Oleg Trofim, Russia.

The closing ceremony