Festival 2015

13-th edition of the Film Festival will start on April 2 at 15 o'clock at the Moscow Country Club (Nahabino). The Opening Night Movie is "SEVE" Spain/UK directed by John Paul Davidson.  It is the story about the legendary golfer Severiano Ballesteros.
The movie will be presented by the producer Stephen Evans, BAFTA, Cannes Film Festival Winner and two Oscar awards.

On April 2 the 13-th Festival KRASNOGORSKI has started in the Moscow Country Club. It has been opened by the Festival President Irina RODNINA and the OC Chairman Boris RASSKAZOV. Steven Evans presented the SEVE movie.

And the Festival-2015 Winners are:

Best Story Nomination - "Brothers Netto.A Separation Story" (Russia)

Best Film Character Nomination - "Seve" Spain/UK Strong Will People Nomination - Sergey Shilov (Russia)

Best Film Director Nomination - "RORAIMA" (Austria): Climbers of the Lost World

Best Documentary Nomination - "Spirit in Motion" (Russia)

Best Feature Film Nomination - "See You in Montevideo" (Serbia)