Our Story

The International Film Festival KRASNOGORSKI has been launched in 2003. It was initiated by famous Russian athletes and film makers, and with a huge support by Boris Rasskazov - Moscow Region Governor Adviser and the Festival Organizing Committee Chairman.

The Festival has been named after this city, a well-known Russian place for sports activities.

Today the International Film Festival KRASNOGORSKI is the world biggest contest which attracts movie makers devoted to the genre of sports.It is a year-round screening platform for sports classics and contemporary sports films. The history of our forum is being written by numerous foreign and Russian authors. Its film library holds the world's most extensive sports movies collection including about two thousand feature films and documentaries from the competition programmes that represent 66 countries.

We are glad to mention some of the participants:

Beno Hvala (Slovenia), Willy Bogner (Germany), Ken Scott (Canada), Reto Lamm (Switzerland), Jonathan Hock and Mark Mahon (USA) and their Russian colleagues Evgeny Gerassimov, Svetlana Druzhinina, Egor Konchalovsky, Arkady Inin, Dmitry Charatian ....

The Festival central venues are traditionally theaters in Moscow and Krasnogorsk with an unparalleled showcase of contemporary sport movies and retrospectives.

Our team does a lot more to unite the film makers, engaged in sport movies production and to create every year a great world premieres programming. We consider the Festival as a unique place for movies excellence.

Welcome to the International Film Festival KRASNOGORSKI, enjoy the company of true sport lovers!